apertureMARK, an innovative system designed to remind the end user of the opening date of a perishable product.

apertureMARK is a useful tool for controlling food waste. Food waste is one of the biggest problems in western societies because approximately one third of produced food ends up in waste.

ejemplo aperturemark 2

apertureMARK is a registered patented system designed for marking easily the opening date of all kinds of perishable products, for instance foods and cosmetics without the need of tools. Marking the Opening date is easily possible by using hands. The apertureMARK registered patented system utilizes different modes of markings such multiple mark ways like scratching, double label layering, etc.

apertureMARK is the perfect solution to monitor opening and expiration dates as offering new benefits to consumers and producers:

  • Control of optimum consumption state of perishable products
  • Minimize toxicological risks when eating bad products
  • Improve food security
  • Minimize food waste
  • Economize by controlling the consumption dates efficiently

This registered patented system is licensed to bring focus onto perishable product producers and label and packing producers alike.

Marketing and R&D departments of various companies are working at the moment on apertureMARK’s implementation.

apertureMARK has been developed and patented by Santos and Benlloch S.L. and MarketingHuman Consumer Knowledge.





botella aceite apertureMARK 01botella aceite apertureMARK 04

botella aceite aperturemark


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