La Comisión Europea publica los resultados de la encuesta “Flash Eurobarómetro” sobre los desperdicios de alimentos y las fechas de consumo en el etiquetado

La Comisión Europea ha publicado los resultados de la primera encuesta “Flash Eurobarómetro” sobre los desperdicios de alimentos y las fechas de consumo en el etiquetado. El estudio ratifica la necesidad de continuar con la información y sensibilización sobre las fechas del etiquetado. Por otra parte, la Comisión propondrá iniciativas contra el desperdicio de alimentos como parte del nuevo paquete de economía circular que se presentará a finales de año.

The European Union has identified resource efficiency and waste management as key elements of EU environmental policy and the Europe 2020 strategy. The Commission is currently reflecting on the scope of a new, more ambitious Circular Economy package to be published by the end of 2015 and considers it as a possible opportunity for further actions aimed at strengthening resource efficiency in the food chain and preventing food waste.

This survey seeks to understand citizens’ perceptions, attitudes and practices related to
the management and consumption of food resources, and more specifically, to investigate the role of date marking found on food labelling in relation to food waste.

Findings from this study will help inform possible future policy making in this area.
The first section of the report provides an overview of citizens’ attitudes towards the
prevention of food waste. The first part presents information on citizens’ views about the general responsibility of specific actors, ranging from the individual to food producers to public authorities, in helping to reduce food waste. The second part identifies specific actions that citizens feel would help them reduce the wasting of food in their own homes. The rest of the report focuses on citizens’ attention to, understanding and use of date marking on the labels of food products. Date marking is a widespread and important tool to help ensure consumer safety, but can, if misunderstood, contribute to the problem of food waste by encouraging consumers to throw out goods that are still fit for consumption.

More information and full report. Food waste and date marking



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